(Above are pictures of my children and my family: Column 1 – Desire (daughter #1) & Me, Maddie Rose (granddaughter), Me & Rose (daughter #2), Sister Teri & Mama & Me & Rose, Sister Teri & Me. Column 2 – Isaac (Son #2), Gerrit Spencer (Son #3) & me, Grady (Son #4) & me. Column #3 – Benjamin (Son #5) & me, Sean (Son #1 now in Heaven), & Daddy.)

Full disclosure here: I am not a theologian (I had to spell check that ) or a psychiatrist, and I don’t even have a degree (yet). I am just a mother of 6 (+3 in heaven) who has lost babies and a grown child, been through a house fire, lost dear friends to a house fire, been uprooted my entire life, experienced the fallout of the horrors of murder, been widowed and remarried, divorced after a 24 year toxic marriage, lost a sister and unborn niece/nephew in a car accident, been through a flash flood, survived being physically and emotionally abused, etc. etc. Those etc.’s are things that have caused pain and fears in my life that I cannot even write about publicly. But Jesus has empowered me to face life’s triumphs and trials fearlessly.

I will be sharing resources, videos, and websites for victims and survivors of many of the trials that we face in life as well as give ideas on ways to help for those who have never had these troubles but want to help those they love. Besides posting my stories, I will also share stories of others who would like to share. This can also be like a prayer room to gather (virtually) around those that are going through tragedies and victories. Most of all I want to share the treasures found in God’s Word (KJV) that we can hide in our hearts so that when life’s trials come that we will not be caught off guard and can face them without fear (other than a healthy fear of our Heavenly Father).

Jesus’ truly,


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