With June 14th being national flag day it is important that we stop and reflect on that which and for whom our flag stands. The 50 stars placed on a solid blue background stands for the 50 states and the solidarity between them with the blue representing justice and perseverance. There are 13 stripes representing the original 13 colonies and remind us of the hard work and sacrifice of the original settlers who birthed our great nation. The white represents innocence and purity and reminds us to stay true to what is right and good. What stands out the most to me is the red which represents the fearless blood that has been shed for our nation and the courage and self-sacrifice of the young men and women who have fought for the union for which the flag waves.

During these times of unrest in our nation, it is of paramount importance that we remember these symbols and find the courage within each of our hearts to face these struggles with fearlessness. It seems that fear is running rampant in our world today. Even as I write this I have to push down the fear of what others will have to say about what I write. There is fear from every angle of the current state of affairs in our country.

My black friends fear being racially profiled, being targeted by law enforcement because of the color of their skin, or their grievances not being heard, etc. My white friends fear not doing enough to support our black friends, referring to them the wrong way, being seen as “white privileged” and not knowing if our voice counts because we are white. My Hispanic and other minority friends fear their concerns and struggles with prejudice against them being forgotten or for their families being separated if they have not entered the country legally.

Many of my friends and readers black, white, brown, blue, etc fear some of the same things including but definitely not limited to:

  • Contracting Cononavirus and they or someone they love being part of the fatality statistics,
  • Losing our jobs or businesses failing due to the economic impact of the lock down/quarantine,
  • Taking too long to reopen our country,
  • Seeing a spike in illness due to opening too soon,
  • Our justice system being corrupted by bigotry,
  • Our justice system being overrun by anarchists,
  • Our country being seen as unstable to our enemies and vulnerable to attack,
  • Military members or families being targeted by rioters or anarchists,
  • Law enforcement officers or families being targeted by rioters or anarchists,
  • Being called a racist if we speak out against rioting and vandalism,
  • Good police officers abandoning their posts because of being vilified for racism or brutality the vast majority of which have never been a part,
  • Our streets being handed to anarchists in the name of appeasement,
  • Not being able to call 911 or having long response times due to de-funding of the police,
  • Our military heroes being dishonored due to monuments being vandalized,
  • Losing friends and being labeled as racists, Uncle Toms (black people), etc if we promote unity or say something that goes against the divisive narrative of the main stream media,
  • Being labeled a racist if we support law enforcement, law & order, or for liking to watch law enforcement show programming,
  • This list could go on and on.

I am going to set all my fears aside and express how I feel about the issue of law enforcement. I wholeheartedly support our nation’s great men and women of every skin color who put their lives on the line every day to keep our streets safe. So, of course I have to clarify that I do understand that there is an element within this fine institution that is not fine. There are bad or racist law enforcement officers of all skin colors and there should be policy changes to weed out these bad apples. However, to de-fund or vilify our blue heroes is only going to hurt ourselves as our society as we could face slipping into mob rule.

I have not written much about law enforcement and about my utmost respect for them in the past but I have advertised items in support of our brothers and sisters in blue for a long time now. This is because I believe that they are some of the most fearless people in our community. I will continue to offer these items in support of the work that they do as they have to continually face their fears every time they leave their home to keep our streets safe. I will never forget the night of our fire when a police officer gave my son a brand new pair of boots that he had just bought that day because every one of us made it out of the fire in only our bare feet. The two officers consoled and comforted us in many big and little ways.

The thin blue line flag is a black and white flag that resembles the US flag with a blue line running across the center. It is a representation of courage, a pledge of brotherhood, and a tribute to the fallen. I would like to encourage my law enforcement friends and readers to remember not to forsake these principles and to take courage. Our nation needs you even though there are some that do not see it. That thin blue line represents the line between law & order vs chaos. You may be vilified, physically attacked, or unappreciated but that should not release you from the commitment that you have made to stand in the gap for us who do support you and even for those citizens who are against you. You are free to leave your profession and unless you have bigotry in your heart I would implore you not to lose hope and to press on.

Young men and women commit and train to serve our country in the military and many leave our borders to go to foreign lands to keep us at home safe. They face enemies and have to have each other’s backs. Many of you may have served in the military as well. Your job is to keep us safe here on our soil. It seems so unfair that the few “bad apples” in your profession have now led to the riots and looting and have turned our country into a virtual war zone. Our fine men and women in blue are now threatened to be defunded yet also expected to fight lawlessness but please don’t give up.

Please know that there are many citizens that pray for you and have your back in fighting the spiritual battle on our knees against principalities and powers that would want to take you and our great nation down not only from without but also from within. Much of the battle is being fought in the hearts and minds of you and your brothers and sisters in blue. It is going to take courage and resolve to bring those that have prejudice and racist viewpoints into the light. They must be purged from among you. I truly believe that the vast majority of law enforcement are brave and good.

When we dial 911 it is usually because the fight or flight response has been triggered by danger or a tragedy and we call upon these selfless men and women to come to our aid to serve and protect us. We need to show them our appreciation. Pray for them. Send them a gift card. Fearlessly post something on social media in support of them.

Remember that the percentage of law enforcement that are black is a near reflection of the percentage of blacks in our country. When the law enforcement community is dishonored so are these men and women of color who wear the blue. When we say blue lives matter it includes everyone who wears the badge regardless of race or ethnicity. I believe that the thin blue line flag is black and white because law and order is supposed to be color blind. They are required to uphold law and order for all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, etc. 

Yes, black lives matter and we can stand up for our minority brothers and sisters who have been burdened by the racist prejudice against them but we should be able to also stand for our brothers and sisters who choose to wear the blue. Our entire nation has now been embroiled in unrest because of the racist actions of a few and because of it we have all been affected. When we see the protests it is not only blacks who are marching, kneeling, and praying. We are all in this together.

We need to stand for our nation’s flag with our hands over our hearts to unite as ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. With these things in mind, let your flags unfurl and fly high today and every day. We also need to pray for and support our great nation’s fine law enforcement officers, military personnel, and it’s citizenry of all races for which they stand in the gap to protect. If we can all come together perhaps we can find peace.

Till then….

Jesus’ truly


Matthew 5:9 – Blessed [are] the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

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