May has been a month to commemorate, celebrate, and honour our nations heroes on many fronts. Some of the national day calendar reminders for this month that give and have given us the opportunity to remember our heroes that are near and dear to my heart are:

Today and every day, let us appreciate and celebrate our Armed Forces. Marines, Navy, Army, Airforce, Coast Guard, The Army & Air National Guard, & now including the Space Force. These are the men and women who have given up everything down to their underwear, trained for weeks without the comforts of home and family, and given up freedoms to put their lives on the line and fight for ours. These are the real superheroes!

These are the superheroes in my life. Starting with my Mama & Daddy, they both served, met and married in the Army. Mama was a WAC (Women’s Auxiliary Corps) working in the personnel office when she met my Daddy for the first time. He had just returned from being stationed in Japan for 3 years and was filing paperwork to begin counterintelligence school. They met on Valentines Day, became engaged on St. Patricks Day, and married on April 19th 1958. They also served in Turkey before returning to civilian life in the States.

Next is my sister Teri who served in the Airforce. She went to AF tech school to be an electronics technician to work on F-15 fighter jets. She graduated in the top of her class and served until she was discharged for maternity before my nephew Curtis was born.

Near and dear to my heart is my son, Sean who served in the Army in Iraq where he was training Iraqi soldiers. He developed mysterious health problems and was care flighted to Germany where he was in ICU for a week. They were unable to determine what had caused his body to crash but once he was stable they brought him back to the states where he continued to serve in a military hospital working with prosthetics. He continued to have health issues including a tumour on his middle ear that had to be removed yet grew back and had to be removed again, heart problems, PTSD, and depression from a divorce, He was medically retired as a Seargent and eventually died at home alone from an accidental overdose of prescription medications.

Then there is my second to the youngest son Grady who is an aircraft mechanic in the Marines. He left for boot camp in July of 2019, continued on to general aircraft mechanic school in at NAS Pensacola where he graduated 4th in his class and is now finishing up C-130 aircraft mechanic school in Jacksonville Arkansas. He will be leaving in a couple of weeks to deploy overseas to work on the fleet.

Following in his brother’s footsteps, my youngest son Benjamin is scheduled to leave for Marine boot camp in August. Though he is not a Marine, he is a poolie and will soon be a recruit in training headed for the Crucible where he will climb the Reaper mountain and grasp the prize of the Anchor, Globe, and Eagle and become a US Marine.

These are the military heroes that I have been blessed to have in my life. Who are your heroes? Please leave a comment below. I look forward to seeing them.

Till then….

Jesus’ Truly,


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