No need to be fearful about the Corona Virus dear readers. I would never say to not be concerned about it because I am concerned There is a difference between fear and concern. Concern allows us to plan for safety and the worst-case scenarios with the peace of knowing that God is in control. One of the best ways to dispell fear is to replace it with thankfulness. When those fears pop into our heads we need to replace them with thinking about things for which we are thankful.

Here is a list of 10 Be-attitudes of thankfulness about the Corona Virus:

#1 Be thankful if you are one of those people who have always hoped to work from home someday and now are realizing that dream. Be thankful to be saving on commuting & eating out, not having to sit under fluorescent lights all day perhaps in a cubicle and getting to work at your kitchen table in yoga pants instead. Pray for those who are not so fortunate and have to deal with the public and for those whose jobs may be at risk.

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#2 Be thankful parents whose children get to stay home and do their school work. These parents are able to spend more time being part of their educational experience. This would be a wonderful time to reach out to those “weird” parents (I can say that because I was one) who chose a long time ago to homeschool and ask them for creative ideas and support. Maybe this would be a good time to teach the children some home economics and do some spring cleaning.

#3 Be thankful for, Walmart and other retailers that offer home delivery (click banners on this page and in the Minimall page to support this blog by using Fearless Treasures’ affiliate links for your purchases), This is a wonderful time to thank your UPS, FedEx, Amazon Prime, and other delivery drivers. Pray for these people to not contract any of the nasty stuff going around including the Corona Virus. On a side note, this may be the best way to get your toilet paper & hand sanitizer without having to fight the mobs or be disappointed by empty shelves.

#4 Be thankful for Facetime and video calling. These apps allow us to still be a part of our family and friends’ lives on a Face to Face chat. I have had so much fun many times Snapchatting with my granddaughter using filters. My kids say I am a cool Mom/Mimi.

#5 Be thankful that people are being reminded to wash their hands. This is something that everyone should be doing all of the time not just in the face of the Corona Virus. Recently our home was hit by a terrible stomach bug that affected my granddaughter, daughter, one of my sons & my elderly mother. I am so thankful I did not get it but my hands are like sandpaper now from washing them so much and using hand sanitizer and latex gloves.

#6 Be thankful for social media where friends and family can stay connected and not feel alone while quarantined or choosing to avoid the masses. Even for those who don’t use social media, there is also the phone for getting information and keeping in touch. We also have the convenience of news 24/7 but do not dwell on all of the bad news. This will rob our peace.

#7 Be thankful that we do not live in the “good ole’ days” before indoor plumbing (remember good ole’ Sears & Robuck before the toilet paper craze?), water heaters (for nice hot showers) dishwashers (for sanitizing dishes), laundry machines (no more scrubbing on washboards and hanging out to dry), refrigerators (to keep our juices nice and cold to help with fever and hydration), automobiles (to get to the doctor or hospital), state of the art medical facilities, & the list goes on and on.

#8 Be thankful that our economy has been on a steady incline over the past several years (this is not a political post) because of the cushion it gives to the economic impact on our country and communities. The WHO has recently classified the Corona Virus a pandemic so as our economy is affected so is the rest of the world. We will all bounce back from this together in time.

#9 Be thankful for caregivers, nurses, doctors and other medical professionals who put their lives on the line every day. Also, be thankful for our pharmacists and drive-through pharmacies. We need to keep these special people in our prayers because they not only have the Corona Virus to be concerned about but also a myriad of other illnesses.

#10 Be thankful for the simple things that we can do as we stick close to our home and families: Playing monopoly as a family, Netflix (or Hulu) and chill, kids getting to play in the backyard on a beautiful day (this is not a good time to be the Kool-Aid mom), rocking on the porch listening to our elders reminisce, baking cookies, reading a good book, crafting, going fishing, and/or doing whatever brings us peace.

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So, let’s keep this list going. For what are you thankful? I look forward to hearing from you!

Until then,

Jesus’ truly,

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