Do you have a rodeo clown in your life? You know that person that keeps you laughing and entertained but at the same time protect and care about you when this ride called “Life” tries it’s best to buck you off. Well, I have given birth to 7 of them and I would like to give a big shout out to each of them.

Benjamin & Angela.jpgBenjamin, thank you for being real and having an energy that recharges everyone around you. When you laugh there is no way for me to ever feel sad. You are my mini-me in a male form.


Angela with Grady drivingGrady, for words always softly yet fitly spoken at just the right time and fixing everything around me that wants to break down (including me).

texas-star-and-the-cotton-bowl_std.originalGerrit Spencer, for being our own personal stand up and sit down comedian! Your natural humour and continual impersonations have a way of turning my tears into tears of laughter.

IsaacIsaac, your name mean “he laughs” and you could not have been named more appropriately. But you are always keeping your eyes on and protecting those around you that you love.

RoseRose, your infectious smile and your encouraging words are like rays of sunshine on even my darkest days. You are an inspiration to me and everyone that you encounter.

Desire & MaddieDesire’, the hours and hours that we spend on the phone and the way that you are just so real about everything is empowering to those around you, especially me. You are the strongest woman I have ever known. I love the many stories about things that Maddie-bug says and does and it keeps me wanting to live for that next story. (Maddie-bug, Mimi just loves you soooo much!)

SeanSean, though I never hear your voice or get to hug you till I go to be in heaven where you are, the imprint that your life left on my heart and in our lives made this world a better place. The way you made me laugh throughout the short time that you lived was more than most people have in a dozen lifetimes. Those memories are precious.

So, who is or are the rodeo clown(s) in your life? Take a moment to share this and give them a shout out for keeping you laughing while riding high in the saddle and scooping you up when you fall face first into the manure while a lot of bull is bearing down on you both.

Till then…

Jesus’ truly


cropped-hungry-pup-1315869.jpgTreasures from God’s Word

Proverbs 17:22

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

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