As I sit and listen to “You raise me up” by Josh Groban (You Lift Me Up w/ Lyrics – by Josh Grobin) , I am reminded of all of the ways that God raises me up.

Daddy & me on Grandfather mountain
Daddy, me and sisters Tami & Teri One Mile High at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

Like when I was a little girl and loved to perch up on top of my Daddy’s shoulders where I could see above the crowds or when he encouraged me to climb a butte with him when I was a teen so that we could stand on top and look out for miles.

Daddy & me on the Butte
Daddy & me atop a butte we climbed in Wyoming


I have to wonder then where my fear of heights began. I even rode a bizarre elevator to the top of the Arch in St. Louis when I was in 4th grade and looked out the tiny portal windows as the giant structure swayed back and forth without the slightest panic.


Gateway Arch St. Louis

But once, while looking down between my feet through the grated flooring on the lookout platform of the Needle in Gatlinburg it was like a switch flipped. I grabbed ahold of my then 8-year-old son Sean and 3-year-old daughter Desire’ and raced to the elevator. From that moment on I wanted my feet planted firmly on the earth. The few roller coasters, Ferris wheels and even once The Drop of Doom at Six flags that I rode evoked terror within my heart turning me into a screaming, whining, sniveling coward.



As I have turned to my Heavenly Daddy and asked him to give me the grace to overcome these, and a host of other far more ridiculous fears, he has one by one loaded me on his shoulders giving me the courage that I once had. Perhaps it is not so much that I had courage, but rather that childlike trust that I had with Daddy when I was a little girl. I may have had a momentary hesitation as I adjusted to the new perspective I had atop Daddy’s shoulders, but I trusted because I knew that he had me and that he loved me enough not to let go. That was with my imperfect earthly father who more than once accidentally injured me while teaching me his Judo moves (while Mama grumbled, “Somebody’s gonna get hurt”). Oh yes, God has had to teach me how to fall and get back up, but he is in control and there to kiss my boo-boos with a tenderness that my Daddy (though the tenderest of fathers) could not come close to.

So, last weekend I went with my family to the Texas State Fair and rode the 212 foot tall Texas Star (please excuse my rough appearance because it was record heat that day and I was HOT!). As we ascended the 32-year-old rickety amusement ride we could see the fans of the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners looking like specs of burnt orange and crimson as they packed in to watch their teams face off at the infamous AT&T Red River Showdown in the Cotton Bowl.

We could see downtown Dallas and Reunion Arena 4 miles away. My perspective from the highest point of the ride was not that I was higher than anything for miles but that He HAD me. He had ME. HE HAD ME!

I told myself when I got on the ride, “What is the worse that can happen Ms. Fearless? If I fall I will get up on my Father God’s shoulders in Heaven and REALLY see things.

Cotton Bowl from Texas Star at fair
Cotton Bowl

Just like the rivalry between the Longhorns and Sooners seemed insignificant from the vantage point at the top of the Texas Star, so will all of the rivalries and wars across this world seem entirely insignificant from Heaven. So, just like we had to wind our way through the maze of bars and chains shoulder to shoulder with other fairgoers waiting for our turns on the Ferris wheel, I guess I will have to walk the maze of this life shoulder to shoulder with you all till we get to ride up to the pearly gates.


skydiver-1314200With this freedom from fear, I look forward to the next ride. I am actually looking forward to getting to skydive someday. Are you in???

Till then…

Jesus’ Truly,




 The Treasure Chest

Psalm 102: 19 – “For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did the LORD behold the earth;”

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I am super close to having the online store for Fearless Treasures open for business! You may have noticed the blog has a different format, but that is just part of the process. It has been so much fun to get things done step by step! It will be like a virtual Christian/Inspirational Book, Gift & Coffee Shop. Be watching for the announcement of its Grand Opening!

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