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It has been quite a busy few weeks since I last posted. September is also a hard month for me to wrap my brain around anything, especially this year as we commemorated 5 years since our son, Sean’s death on September 9th. On that day this last month, our Pastor’s wife, Sherri Tuttle, went to be with the Lord as well. She is now cancer free!

I then had to switch gears from my somber mood to celebrate as we planned and had a birthday party for Grady (18) and Rose (22) this last weekend. It was a wonderful time with family and friends and especially my daughter Desire’ and granddaughter Maddie from Pensacola. We were surprised when she showed up that her best friend Courtney and her son Preston came too. Courtney and Preston are like an adopted daughter and grandson to us. We had not seen Maddie for several months but she still remembered all of us. The party turned out great! It was a neon party (a follow-up to my post “Fireflies & Eclipses”).

In the midst of all of this, I started another semester and am struggling to keep up. One of the projects that I had to do was to create a vision board. It was very inspiring and therapeutic! It has helped me to focus on the things that I would like to accomplish and to identify the things that make me happy. It consists of 4 boards that I would title Family life, Health & Wealth, Writer, and Travel. It amazes me that I received a perfect grade on it and my teacher asked to use it as an example for her future students because I rushed through making it in the midst of planning the party. I have decided to share it with you my readers to give you a peek inside of my wild mind. It is so important that we visualize our prayers and our hopes and dreams. As a writer, it was a challenge to communicate in a visual instead of a literary way.

One of the things that you may notice is the online shopping picture on the page about business. That is actually coming soon to this website. It is under construction and I will let you know when the store is open. It will be a like a Christian book and gift shop online that will carry some of the things that I will make reference to on this blog. I am so excited to set it up. It is another one of those fearless steps that I endeavor to take.

Until then….

Jesus’ truly,



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