As soon as I heard the honk of the mail truck I just knew it was my business cards from Vistaprint. I felt like a little kid hearing the ice cream truck coming. I had so much fun designing them and looked forward to seeing how they really turned out. I had also ordered a coffee cup for my hubby that matched. I was very pleased with both.  The cards are very nice quality and even better than I expected. He loved his cup too.

mail-truck-lomo-1513249The funny thing is that almost every possible delivery truck came to our house the same day. Soon after, UPS brought some pants from Buckle that one of my tall sons had ordered and FedEx brought a part for an old MG car he is restoring. I cannot help wondering what our neighbors across the street thought if they had seen all three delivery trucks arriving almost in procession.

um-which-way-is-da-shipping-and-receiving-oh-1442130If you look close at the card, you will see that in the upper left-hand corner of the front it says, “Blog & Online Store“. If you are wondering where the store is, it is under construction. Once I have enough followers I will have a “Grand Opening” of sorts online. It will offer books, gifts, resources, and clothing related to the topics covered in this blog. I am so excited about it. Then perhaps when you see something you can use, you too can have another delivery truck coming to your house. Beep, beep! In the meanwhile, I will be delivering you blog reading content FREE here online.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAYou may be wondering why I chose a burning ship on the card. Well, it represents our life journey and being on fire for the Lord as we search fearlessly for treasures in His word and in this life. It may sound cheesy but I’m a cheesy kinda girl.

I would love to hear your feedback to see what you think of the cards. If I see you in person be sure to ask for one if I don’t give it to you first. Please comment here on the blog below in the comments box. What do you think?

Earth to readers. Earth to readers. I look forward to hearing from you! I need to know that you are really out there in cyberspace. Till then…

Jesus’ truly,


cropped-hungry-pup-1315869.jpg   Treasure Chest

Matt 6:21 – “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”


praying-hands-1179301  Prayer request

Please continue to pray for my sister in Christ, Sherri Tuttle, as she continues to wage war with cancer and pain in the hospital. Keep the entire Tuttle family covered in prayer.

Sherri Tuttle in the hospital

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