Child catching fireflies

Spotting the first firefly of the summer has always been an almost magical moment for me no matter what age.  Watching my children run to get a mason jar would bring back that feeling of enchantment in the air. Fireflies mean staying out after curfew and playing hide and seek with creatures that tickle little hands when they are caught. As a child, I was never frightened by the darkening shadows because the “lightning bugs” seemed like dancing fairies that would keep me safe.

My son Isaac recently reminded me how that one time he and his sister Rose had caught a bunch of fireflies and brought them into the house. They thought it would be cool to let them loose inside and have those little lights flying around us. I was not very happy with them and they were very disappointed that they could not see them as easy because of the light. It took us several nights to round them all up.

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John 12:46

Now, as summer is winding down, I have noticed the days are getting gradually shorter.  It will soon be time for jack-o-lanterns followed by Christmas lights. All of these have one thing in common. Fireflies, jack-o-lanterns & Christmas lights would lose their enchantment if there were no darkness.

Are you broken and going through dark times? Look around you and you will see people who have been broken that are shining the light of Jesus. When dark times come into our lives it is then that we notice and find comfort in the little lights that God has put around us no matter what the season.

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Matthew 5:14

Maybe you have that light but you are hiding it because you do not want those around you to know that you have been broken. Let His light shine through you so that they can be illuminated. There is no darkness that His light cannot dispel. Most of us know that cute song, “This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let it Shine”. What is that light? It can only be the light of Jesus.

Much like with the firefly, Jesus is the one that causes a miraculous spiritual chemical reaction inside of us that emits a glow. Like in the Jack-o-lantern that was a pumpkin full of gunk that needed to be cleaned out and carved, Jesus is the light that shines through our imperfections. halloween-1554935And, much like the coldness of winter, our hearts need the twinkle of the colorful light of his love to bring joy to those around us. We are not the light, but He is. Jesus does not shine through us in spite of our brokenness but rather because of our brokenness. If a pumpkin is not carved the candle in it would not shine through.

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Luke 1:79 & Solar Eclipse

Nobody likes to go through dark times but If it weren’t for the darkness those points of light would not be noticed. The myriads of stars are always there waiting for the sun to take its rest before they saturate the night skies with their wonder. This coming Monday around 1:00 in the afternoon, the sun is going to play peek-a-boo behind the moon. For a few brief moments, the stars are going to take the stage in the sky. They will show us that sometimes God gives them a chance with the moon’s help to rule the day sky as well. Not everyone can shine their light like the sun or even like the moon with huge ministries. But, even if our vessels are just little glowsticks we need to let them shine.

Those of us who have vantage points to see this wonder should marvel that we get to take part in this astronomical rarity. As the two great lights bow to the stars let us stop and think about our lives and the little lights around us. Let’s ask ourselves if we are shining the light of Jesus in our lives no matter how large or small the impact.

Jesus’ truly,


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Here is a simple thing you can do to make the eclipse special. Drink Sunkist soda and eat Moon pies. Be sure to wear protective solar eclipse glasses.




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