3 Things Fear’s Torment Makes Us Miss

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Wash Those Fears Away in God’s Love!

If ever there would be a book or a movie made about my life it would have to be more like a soap opera called “All My Fears”. I remember an old one named “All My Children”. I didn’t watch it, but for a time in my life, I watched a couple of others that Mama still watches. I have to laugh at myself when I walk into her room when one is playing, and seeing the same old characters I start getting sucked into their story again. Then I remember why I quit watching them (besides the fact that we went for about 20 years with no television). As a teenager and young woman watching them, I thought that the story lines were far fetched and I liked that. Then real life started happening to me and I realized that I could write a better story line by just using things that I had experienced. That wouldn’t work though because nobody would believe it and would think it was too unrealistic. I guess that is why my favorite things to watch now are either true life stories, outrageously unrealistic action movies or science fiction. Actually, don’t ask me why but my favorite movie is “Gone With The Wind”. I digress. The point is that because of the crazy things that have happened in my life I have developed fears like reruns that play over and over in my mind.

Psalms_34-4Psalm 34:4 I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” As I have “sought the LORD,” I have been blessed that God has placed me in a church that has a Celebrate Recovery Group.  Celebrate Recovery is for all people seeking for God to help them overcome any “hurts, habits or hangups”, not just for drug addicts and alcoholics. I went there knowing that I needed help to deal with the grief of losing my son, baby, sister and many others, piecing together broken relationships and overcoming many fears. I have found that there is nothing I can do about people who have passed away and that I do not have control over anyone but myself (by God’s grace) in my relationships. However, one of the things that I can hope to overcome is the fears in my life that have bound me up emotionally. 1-John_4-18

I love Psalm 34:4 in that God does not promise to deliver us from all of our enemies but from all of our fears. I am guaranteed to have troubles and enemies in this life and He will deliver me at times from various ones but I am told that if I seek Him he will hear me and deliver me from all of my fears. Seeking the Lord is done in prayer (not just my aimless thoughts) and He will hear me. So as I have fears I must not dwell on them but rather seek the Lord in prayer laying my fears before him and then bask in His perfect love. His “perfect love casteth out fear”. If we are in Him, in His love, there is no fear there because He casts it out. Why? “because fear hath torment.” He does not want us to be in torment. We can actually go through troubles and face our enemies and as long as we are in Him, his perfect love will cast out our fear. We will then be made perfect because we will no longer be tormented by it. Fear is a tool that is used to debilitate us and bring us into submission to our enemy rather than God.

2-Timothy_1-7When we are tormented by fear we miss 3 thing:

  • The Power of God

    • We have no power in and of ourselves and we cannot face our fears alone. He has given us the Holy Spirit and He has the power to cast out fear.
  • The Love of God

    • When we try to come into God’s presence and let our fears tag along I imagine He says, “Nope, ain’t happenen'” (or something like that). We are to fear Him and Him alone. His fear does not have torment. It is rooted in Love. Jesus faced the ultimate fear on the cross at Calvary and because of His LOVE for us he lay down his life and defeated sin and death. (Hebrews 2:15And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.)
  • The Mind of God

    • giphy (2)When we are controlled by fear rather than by the wisdom of God we do not have a “sound” or healthy mind. We will make bad decisions every time. There have been times that I have made bad decisions because of fear and God by his mercy got me out of the mess I had gotten myself into. However, that does not mean that I should keep making mistakes presumptuously thinking that He will “bail” me out again. I will never experience the wonderful things that God wants to do in my life if I continually let my mind be ruled by fear.

I'll think about that tomorrowI am sure there is a lot more that we miss when we are tormented by fear but these three are enough to ponder. I pray that my readers will seek God with me and that together He will deliver us from all of our fears. Remember, You’re not alone. Till then….

Jesus’ truly,




Treasure Chest

Proverbs 9:10 – The fear of the LORD [is] the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy [is] understanding.


index-box-1238931-1920x1280Recipe Box

Back in the post “Meal Trains & Merchant Ships” I gave a recipe for Virginia’s Easy Lasagne. I have made that recipe more times than I can count and it has always turned out great. This time, however, I made a double batch so that I could take one of them to our Pastor’s Family, The Tuttles, for the Meal Train. I had to bring it to church for them to eat later so I thought it would be a good idea to make it and let them bake it when they got home. I made them the night before and stuck them in my fridge along with all the extras. When I got home from church I baked ours. It turned out AWFUL! The “morsel” of this story is to bake the lasagne if you are making it for someone else and let them heat it up when they are ready for it. My apologies to the Tuttle Family (who would never complain, bless their hearts).


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