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As an update on the prayer request for my Pastor’s wife Sherri and their family that I introduced in my previous post “Meal Trains & Merchant Ships”, I am including Pastor Charlie’s text from his FB post below:

“Charlie Tuttle

Asking prayers for Sherri. She’s been admitted to the hospital today for pain management purposes. She goes in for another scan tomorrow morning. Hopefully the pain will subside and she can return home tomorrow. For those who know Sherri, you know she has an extremely high tolerance for pain. However this time the pain is too much. She began a new chemotherapy last week that has been shown to be highly effective. Pls join with us as we expect a miraculous healing either through the power of God, the proficiency of medicine or both. Thank you!”


I will keep you posted on this prayer warrior. Till then….

Jesus’ truly,


p.s. – Here is another update from Pastor Charlie Tuttle’s FB page:

Quick update on Sherri. First, thanks for all your prayers! God is working in this situation. Expressing our gratitude for your love, prayers, encouragement and support is almost beyond words. Thank you!

Scan showed multiple tumors in left thigh muscle. Good news is they are getable through radiation. Radiation begins tomorrow; 15 day regiment. Pls pray radiation is effective and completely destroys tumors in thigh muscle which are causing this tremendous pain.

Hopefully tomorrow Sherri will be resting at home, once they determine how to manage the pain. #gratefultoGod #yourprayersmatter”

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