Full disclosure here: I am not a theologian (I had to spell check that ) or a psychiatrist, and I don’t even have a bachelor’s degree (yet). I am just a mother of 6 (+3 in heaven) who has experienced much adventure & heartache. My qualification to write and speak publically comes from numerous experiences the Lord has brought me through including:

  • I lost my 19 year oldest sister and her unborn baby in a car accident when I was 12.
  • I’ve been uprooted my entire life moving 45 times by the time I married and left home at 16.
  • I lost my 1st cousin who was my best friend to Cystic Fibrosis in 1981 when we were both 16 years old. I was pregnant and just starting my life as hers ended.
  • I had my 1st son Sean just after turning 17 but went on to finish High School and earn my associate’s degree.
  • I was rescued from a submerging vehicle in a flash flood in 1983.
  • I met Jesus and became a born-again Christian in 1986.
  • I began homeschooling my kids in 1991.
  • I lost my 1st husband being left widowed with 2 young children (Sean 10, Desire’ 4) in 1993. I remarried in 1994.
  • I have 7 beautiful children but:
    • Miscarried in my 7th pregnancy on Christmas Day 2000
    • Nearly lost my youngest son who had to be delivered by emergency C-section when we lost his heartbeat in 2001.
    • I Buried my last baby who died in the 5th month of my 9th pregnancy in 2003.
  • In 2002 I experienced the fallout of the horrors of mass murder of four innocent people by an inlaw family member.
  • While escaping from Florida to Texas during Hurricane Ivan I lost my father to kidney cancer in 2004. I would have rather endured the hurricane.
  • My family weathered Hurricane Katrina in Pensacola FL in 2005 and witnessed first-hand the aftermath devastation in New Orleans.
  • My family survived and lost a home in a house fire in February 2012.
  • My oldest son, Sean who was a disabled Army veteran who became ill in Iraq during the Iraq war, died of an accidental toxic mixture of prescription medicines in September 2012.
  • My best friend of 28 years died in a house fire with her husband the day after telling me on the phone that she felt like she would die in a fire someday.
  • I divorced after a 24-year toxic marriage and am a survivor of being verbally, emotionally, & physically abused.
  • I am a cheerleader for my 2 youngest sons who are serving in the US Marines.
  • I have been the primary caregiver for my elderly mother who is a diabetic, heart and kidney failure, and dementia patient since 2017.
  • More recently my best friend was found dead in her pool.
  • & I am undergoing open-heart surgery to fix my mitral heart valve.
  • etc. etc.

Those etc.’s are things that have caused pain and fears in my life that I cannot even write about publicly. But Jesus has empowered me to face life’s triumphs and trials fearlessly. I will be sharing resources, videos, and websites for victims and survivors of many of the trials that we face in life. I will also give ideas on ways to help those who have never had these troubles but want to help those they love. Besides posting my stories, I will also include stories of others who would like to share. This will also be a prayer room to gather (virtually) around those that are going through tragedies and victories. Most of all I will share the treasures found in God’s Word (KJV) that we can hide in our hearts so that when life’s trials come we will not be caught off guard and can face them without fear (other than a healthy fear of our Heavenly Father).

Jesus’ truly,


(Above are pictures of my children and my family:

  • Row 1
    • Sean (Child #1, Son #1 now in Heaven)
    • Desire (Child #2, daughter #1) & Me
    • Me & Rose (Child #3, daughter #2)
  • Row #2
    • Isaac (Child #4, Son #2)
    • Gerrit Spencer (Child #5, Son #3) & me
    • Grady (Child #6, Son #4)
  • Row #3
    • Benjamin (Child #7, Son #5)
    • Maddie Rose (granddaughter #1 from Desire’)
    • Kallie (Kaleesi) (granddaughter #2 from Rose)
  • Row #4
    • Sister Teri & Me
    • Sister Teri & Mama & Me & Rose
    • Daddy (died in 2004)

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